Musings by Muzio



July 28, 2019

Hello Family and Friends:

Over time, on some 10-12 occasions I have communicated with you. Recently because of other commitments you have not heard from me. There are times in life when we need to be reminded of certain underlying issues taking place in our country and our neighborhoods, and they have to be brought forth openly. In my opinion, this matter is certainly one of them. It's by Paul Krugman and appeared in  The New York Times  on July 15th. I urge you to read it.

Here's the Krugman Reference:

Racism Comes Out of the Closet

The Dog Whistle Days are Apparently Over

"Send her back," "If you don't like it here go back," "love it or leave it.'' These same kinds of statements were made, and worse to my grandparents and some of their children from Italy including my mother long after they were here as citizens. When does this stop?? Hatred and anger do little to resolve long standing matters, and they are terrible examples of discrimination.

There are too many examples of hatred, unkindness and discrimination that dominate our society. We have a president who thrives on stirring up these matters and frequently lies. For the nation's leader, this is disgraceful. If we tend to ignore them as commonplace, then somehow we are accepting them. How much more of his attitudes, words and behaviors will we accept? Does he seek impeachment so he can even rile up his troops to create even more chaos and confusion? Why oh why is the Republican party and its elected officials so silent? Will we eventually lose our democracy to hatred and distortions?

Many times over the years, I have used a quotation by the Reverend William Sloane Coffin: "If you don't stand for something, you're apt to fall for anything." Please pay attention and yes, do stand up. Recently I saw a bumper sticker that said: "Being a citizen in a democracy is not a spectator sport."

Best wishes to you and your family,

Joseph N. Muzio